ESET Deployment over Atera

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When deploying ESET antivirus over Atera this can only be done in USA. I am from South Africa and we had to create a custom script to deploy.


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    Package failed

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    @evan FYI

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    Hi @russell - I'm part of the integrations team working with ESET. I'm sorry that it failed! PM'd you.

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    Hi @russell I do have a script that I have written to download and deploy Eset to a machine. We are in the UK so don't have the option of purchasing Eset through Atera. If you want a copy of this let me know.

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    @russell If you purchased ESET either directly or through Atera, why are you deploying it from Chocolatey? You definitely don't want to deploy their solution that way. You want to install the ESET agent first, then configure Protect to automatically push out the product(s) you need to deploy.

    Also, that log file shows it's installing ESET Antivirus v8, but they're on v10.1. So that repo is like years out of date.

    I've been an ESET partner for 7 years - if you need help getting it configured I'm happy to help, send me a PM. Also ESET support is pretty fantastic. I typically get someone on the phone in under 30 seconds, not an exaggeration.

    Edit: I see the problem. Chocolatey is expecting the file hash to match for ESET Antivirus v8.0.2028, but the URL Chocolatey uses will only download the latest version of the product (should be v10.1.2050.0 as of today). Since the file hashes don't match, the install stops. Chocolatey is such a mess for stuff like this.