Atera RMM with Webroot AV for ISO

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Hello, what's the best practice to have Atera pre-installed on our company custom windows ISO? I would like to have it preinstalled on a system then use sysprep to capture and create an image that can be deployed to new / additional PC's



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    Dead forum?

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    Not dead, just very quiet. Especially over a weekend.

    Though this might not help directly, we deploy at the device-build stage, post-sysprep. We had some issues with installing it prior to this on the "golden image", we'd end up with confusion about devices and things didn't line up properly on the web interface. I want to say we ended up having one Device in atera that would update to be the latest one we built and the agent on the older ones needing to be reinstalled, but I may be mixing up my memories.

    This was years ago though, things might be different now. We currently build through MDT using a raw Windows .iso and deploy all additional software like Atera via PDQDeploy.

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    @humayun I would avoid installing Atera first and then using that image. I believe it will not install multiple instances of Atera as separate computers. I may be wrong and I suppose it's worth a test, but I don't think it will work that way.

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    Thanks for the response guys, I basically decompiled the installer and made the changes required before the installer kicked in.

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    Hey @humayun , we actually have a KB article that explains how to do exactly what you want. If you have any issues with that, you can open a support ticket and they should be able to help!