Silicone based Macs

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I am curious to know if anyone else find Silicone based Macs to go offline on their dashboard?

What I mean is — once I reboot a Silicone based Mac, it shows up on my Atera dashboard, and I can even connect to it via Splashtop (my preferred remote connect option). But, then it stops 'working' until I can get the user to reboot their Mac.

This does not happen with Intel Macs or Windows devices, and there is not a specific timeframe that I can expect it to work, but the will always go offline.




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    @natterbury I do not have any under management, but it sounds like a sleep or permission issue. I did find this on Atera's KB: It may be a similar issue happening with these devices.

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    @natterbury I would reach out to @Dragos Tulbure He was the one that posted that 7 days ago. Maybe there is a known issue with apple silicone.

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    Hi @tanderson — thanks for your response, I just looked at article 215242838, and it seems to provide a solid explanation to get Windows devices to play along. The thing is that I have no problem with any Windows devices, nor did I have issues with Intel Macs.

    But, ever since I installed the agent on the first M1 Mac, I have had this nagging issue. I am aware that devices need to be awake, or (at least) not in super deep sleep, etc. That is fairly simple to achieve in Windows, where I would usually ensure ‘wake-up-ability’ via the ‘Power Management’ console.

    I am not having drama with any specific Silicon Mac right now, but rather find them all to behave like this, i.e., to go offline after a while.

    I have seen this happening since the first M1 Mac which I installed the Atera Agent on, and it is still consistently happening on all the Silicon Macs I look after, today. I was wondering if anyone (who actively supports Macs) has seen this in the wild, and found a way to resolve this.

    For perspective, when I reboot a Silicon Mac, it might be online/reachable fine for a few hours, or days, but (guaranteed) at some point (maybe as long as a week later), my dashboard will show that its agent is offline...

    It would be nice if that was no longer happening but I cannot imagine why this issue has persevered, even persisting through major MacOS version updates.