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Hi all,

I really like the way of using Uservoice which gives everyone the opportunity to raise a request or vote for a topic.
When browsing through all the ideas I have the feeling that many ideas are either duplicated or are split up like e.g. having small ideas which can be combined in a big picture.

  • Report for X
  • Report for X
    --> Solution: Customized reports

This forum discussion is more a general feedback than a real discussion but I would appreciated it if the uservoice would be cleaned up/ maintained.
I personally would also suggest to remove ideas which are already solved.

This makes it more easy to follow current ideas and to understand what the "Big picture" of development will be.

What do you think about this?



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    I have seen the other topic but would split it up.
    The other mentioned discussion is more about getting a timeline / next release. (I will comment in it too)

    This discussion would be more to maintain the Uservoice page.
    Uservoice is only about feedback from customer. A timeline will be a mixture of feedback and own ideas which are maybe not on the Uservoice page.

    Uservoice is a great tool to get the feedback you need as a developer but people only provide feedback if they see that it will be used.
    By tiding up the Uservoice you might even get more ideas and better feedback like "Great combination but did you think about use-case XYZ".


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    Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    As with most things, this is a complicated issue.
    To your question - we do not "clean" requests, however we do update on requests that were already implemented (and we have many of those!).