Toast Notifications and IT Automations

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How are you making use of the new toast notifications for updates? I've always installed updates Wed 3:00 AM, and forced a restart Wed at 5:00 AM with a PowerShell notification. Have you changed your update style now that we have proper warning for end users?

In my test environment, I've been installing updates daily at 1:00 AM. I find that I need to restart very often. Probably every other day. I'm not sure if I want that experience for my end users.


  • kim
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    I don't use toast, but in terms of when I run my updates is I also start at 1 am and cut them off by 6 am. Normally If I notice the updates are still going around 5 am, I'll send out a quick email blast letting them know that their computers are finishing up on a round of updates, so if they notice it's still asking to restart then to shoot me a message so I can double check it's not looping just to loop. Of course I do sandbox the updates first, but just in case, I have a back up plan ready.

    Also I noticed in the shared script library that there are a few scripts with toast as the use case.


    Kim Bassett