Billing for M365? how?

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I can count devices and invoice for them, how do I count M365 licenses and bill for them?


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    Hello @COOLNETAU,

    One option when it comes to invoicing your customers for an M365 license is to create a Retainer/Flat Fee contract.

    When creating the contract, you have the option to select a rate and the quantity.

    For rate, add how much you want to charge your customers for M365 licenses, and in quantity, add the number of licenses that you have to manage.

    For example, if you charge $5 per M365 license and you have to bill for 100 licenses, select the rate as $5 and the quantity as 100. If this number changes, you have the option to edit the contract whenever you want.

    You might also have to create a rate, depending on how much you charge for them. This can be done in Admin > Contract Rates, click on Add Rate in the lower right part of the screen.

    After you create the contract, you will be able to bill for it depending on the Billing period. If you have a monthly billing period, after a month ends, you will be able to create invoices based on this contract. Keep in mind, that the date when you can bill depends on the Start date of the contract. For example, if you select the Start date as 1st of July when creating the contract, on the 1st or second of August you can generate an invoice for July. Just as an FYI, you can modify the start date whenever you want, so if a certain date will not work, you always have the option to change it.

    Another option, that you can do, without having to create a contract, is to simply create a flexible or ad hoc invoice.

    Flexible invoices allow you to generate an invoice for your customers whenever you want. You can create a rate/product/expense and add them to the flexible invoice. Or you can add them manually.

    Here is an example of a flexible invoice.

    With this setup, you can also create a scheduled ticket in Atera, with a title like "Invoice customers for M365 licenses", so you don't have to remember to invoice your customers, Atera will remind you.

    If you use this option, you can also create ticket automation rules, so you get notified via email, or the ticket gets assigned to you automatically.

    Which option you choose really depends on the number of customers that you have to invoice for m365 licenses. If you have many customers, it would be less time consuming to go with the first option, if you don't have many invoice that have to be generated, the second option can work very well.

    Hope this helps, and in case something is not clear, please let me know.

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    OK, So this is just a manual process them. go count licenses and bill for them?

    Sigh. ok thank you.

    I mean, you pull in the contacts from (every darn service account too), why couldn't you treat all licensed user as a thing you count and bill for on contract?

    you have done the hard part already.

    You know how to count devices and you know how to bill for them recurringly.

    You have the data for the 365 licenses within the integration, should be relatively simple to add that to a contract