How are australian clients dealing with the fact you cannot add an ABN?

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My Fellow Australians….

so it seems we cannot add an ABN or EFT payment detail to an invoice in Atera Billing module.

how are you that are here, using Atera doing your billing?


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    Hello @COOLNETAU,

    I hope you are doing well,

    Unfortunately, I don't have a solution for this, however, I will check internally.

    If possible, please let me know how this impacts your business and experience with Atera.

    I would like to get as many details about this, so I can forward them to the relevant departments.

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    OK. I am not well, since this amazing RMM platform has let me down so hard that unless changes are made really quickly, I may be forced to abandon this platform.

    in australia, we MUST include our ABN/VAT number on any official invoice.

    We MUST title the invoice "TAX INVOICE"

    and if we wish to get paid? we MUST include our payment details with the invoice.

    Stripe integration would be great, but the other 3 are non-negotiable.

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    WAIT. I may be wrong, but regardless? this becomes an onboarding MUST have for Aussie (and other clients)

    before doing anything. set up your xero configuration and generate an invoice.

    the fact Atera offloads all the tax and everything to xero would have been good to know.

    but my path was….. install some agents. play with what the RMM platform can do. Decide - I Love this. lets go forward, install some AV/Backup integrations. → NOW, how does billing work. - Oh I need to set up an invoice template. no template? now what? panic. scream lose my mind. - try to integrate xero to see what it does. - See it says xero should handle most stuff. like tax etc. - Oh now I need to actually set up proper contracts for clients to ensure they are billed correctly.

    Knowing that xero will be the entity sending invoices out if integrated? would have saved a bunch of my panic.

    Still need to create the line items etc. but sheesh.

    Setting up Xero and Client contracts should have been the first thing I did.

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    Hey there,

    I'm sorry to hear about the emotional roller-coaster.
    A few things on my part:
    1. I've contacted our Customer Success team to look into this and they will reach out directly if needed (probably through email, not here in the forums)
    2. I've updated the billing team with the feedback about ABN or EFT and structure of the doc (must haves that you mentioned)
    3. I'm requesting our onboarding team to add this as an item for Aussie clients.
    4. Yes, Aussie friends, you can use either Xero or Quickbooks Online which are both supported by Atera for billing purposes.

    Thank you for flagging this, I really need to visit down under one day so I have to help maintain good customer relationships with you folks!