Scanning in air gapped networks?

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besides our office environment we have several networks which are totally air gapped. How is it possible to have those networks scanned and results beeing forwarded to Atera? Within those air gapped networks there are IT assets as well as OT assets.


  • mjones
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    You're asking for something that isn't physically possible if the air gapping is setup correctly.

    You would need to use a standalone offline tool, but you aren't able to import that kind of thing into Atera.

    The alternative would be to remove the physical airgap and instead use a firewall to basically deny everything except what you need to alow, which is going to be a ton of work and might not pass compliance checks.

  • tg
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    Well, sure. Physically that is impossible. But other vendors, like lansweeper, let you push scan data to a local file or network location within that air gapped network from where on I could copy it e.g. on a USB Thumb drive and then move it to the management server. I thought Atera could accomplish that, too.