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My name is Matt. I am just starting with Atera, literally my first day!

Looking for training exercises to help me get familiar with help desk skills.



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    Welcome aboard Matt!

    One resource I highly recommend is our Webinars page, where you can find the following:
    Recap of Our Ticketing Webinar – Rule Your Helpdesk
    It's been a while and some features have been updated, but the ideas are still there.

    Another absolutely fresh one is a blog post covering different services and their uses, which is filled with the jargon of the field to cover basics.
    Once you're done with that - dive deeper with a guide to building Helpdesk efficiency in 2024.
    It's especially useful in thinking how to use AI in your workflow.

    Let everyone know if you have other resources you found relevant and helpful and never forget…

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    Definitely keep an eye out for emails for live webinars, in most they directly address audience questions at the end! (Plus you can get a badge on here for attending a webinar.)

    Also, don't be shy about reaching out for help using the support chat feature right in Atera.

    Lastly, the community here is pretty quick and helpful! So don't be shy about opening up questions for discussion or suggestions.