What do yo use for Network Discovery?

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I am looking to network discovery solution for my clients.

Do you use something like Zabix?

Are you paying for something like domotz or eaven Ater Netwok discovery?

I manly want to find rogue computer on the client network that dont have atera and antivirus configured or security patch.


  • mjones
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    I mostly use it for device down alerts and printer toner levels. Not very sexy.

    I found it to be VERY useful when I was first rolling out my agents, but after that, it's not been terribly helpful. On the fence about renewing this add-on.

    I find it hard to get the right OIDs, despite having the MIBs from the vendors. The AIT suggestions for OIDs is hit and miss really. It will suggest things, but they probly aren't what you need (at least in my experience with fairly common, recent, and well-documented equipment).

    I really wish there was a way to just import the MIBs and have it configure everything for you, but you end up bouncing between MIB Explorer and Atera adding specific things once you identify them.

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