Users email support tickets and created as Unassigned

EriktheGeek Member Posts: 1

When users emails a support request, and they are not a contact in my system they are put in the Unassigned "company". I then have to move them to the correct company. I would like Atera to add the user to the correct company simply by looking at the email domain. Atera should be able to create a user in the correct company by referencing the domain name.


  • robinzon
    robinzon Member Posts: 1

    Hello Erik, that's exactly how it already works.

    But you have to attach the domain names to your customers, under the section Domains

    Internal domain names like 'contoso.local' are used to place machines automatically onder the appropriate customer, and external domain namens like '' are used to create new Contact under the Customer.

    So you have to/can add more than one domain under each customer.