Patch management issues

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Recently I have been experiencing issues with Atera's patch management.
It reporting patches that are already installed as missing, Its recommending patches that aren't relevant to the machines and it is also just failing to install other patches.

When it comes to 3rd party patches the reporting and management for it isn't great there is no way to review what has been run on the machines or what has been installed. We did reach out to Atera support about this and we where basically told that they outsource this to chocolaty and that they trust them to make sure the patches are right. Again this is an issue as there is no way to review what has been installed or ran on the machines. There are a few ways that I can make use of to sort of get a brief idea of what has been done but nothing detailed or solid.

This is sad as we have been making use of Atera for about two years now and are only starting to experience these issues now.

I don't know if anyone else has been experiencing these issues so that's why i am making a post here in case anyone maybe has experienced similar issues and is able to help.


  • gilgi
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    I've reached out internally for a CSM to have a look, I'll update if there are anything else required.
    Oh, and let us know if you were able to find a solution for everyone to learn from!