Google Chrome and Chocolatey

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Have been having an ongoing issue with installing Google Chrome via Chocolatey.
The issue is that Google only provides a single (latest) installer and the Chocolatey checksum is always lagging behind. Per the Chome Choco page "Because of this you may get checksum mismatch between the time Google releases a new installer, and the package is automatically updated."

The fix is to provide the new checksum manually or use the "--ignore-checksums" parameter to ignore it completely.

My issue is that the "--ignore-checksums" parameter seems to not work when I am entering it in the Install software window. The logs aren't reflecting that it is even there.

I chatted with Atera support and they claim that this is possible if the package doesnt support any other parameters, which seems sus to me.

I don't want to install the generic version so that I can have Chocolatey keep it up to date.

Does anyone have a reliable way to install Chrome via Chololatey?