'It's not Your Emergency'

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I came across this video from The Sleepy Paramedic today, and although it's for EMS/ER personnel I thought we as IT professionals can apply it too.

Warning, he does use a bit of colorful language.

He explains it better, but it boils down to if we get our heart rate up, get the blood pumping, our ability to think clearly is diminished. If we remain calm when we can we will be better able to do better work.

That being said, as IT pros, some things can be our emergency, such as a breach/ransomware/etc. But if we try to remain calm we will give better service and be better able to think of solutions.


  • gilgi
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    I think we could all use some clear thinking…

  • mjones
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    This is great advice.

    You have to be able to stay calm and assess the situation. Sometimes things are going to be down for a bit to properly restore them, and doing it the wrong way isn't going to help anyone in the long term.

    I have seen loads of inexperienced techs absolutely lose the ability to think at all in stressful situations. Admittedly no one is going to die when IT fails (most of the time) but nonetheless, it can be stressful with trying to get everything restored and users continually asking you if it's back up yet.

  • iectechbrian
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    I definitely agree. And I think naturally remaining more calm in stressful IT situations only comes with time and experience sadly. But at least it pairs well with having 'seen a thing or two' and knowing how to approach those situations.