Question about the "Run the profile on newly installed agents" option

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I'm not sure if I've missed it somewhere, or if it's just not documented in a way that makes sense (to me).
I am creating profiles that manage only software/driver updates, profiles that manage only OS updates, and have created profiles that only contain a software bundle to install (not yet deployed).
When I create a profile and select this option, without a schedule, is that profile ONLY run on new agent installs? I do not want to cause any conflicts if I push the software bundle and it hits existing devices.
Also, when choosing this option, it will only apply to assigned sites/folders/agents, and not ALL new agents, correct?


  • dragos.t
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    Hello @clittrell,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Regarding your questions, as long as there is no schedule for the IT Automation profile, or you or other techs don't run it manually, the profile should run only on agents that were just installed. It will not run on previously installed agents.

    Simply create the profile, select your desired tasks, check the box for Run the profile on newly installed agents, and then assign the profile to your desired customers/folders within Atera.

    After following these steps, the profile will run only on newly installed agents on the customers that have the profile assigned on a customer/folder level.

    It is important to assign the profile on a customer/folder level for it to run properly. You will see the profile assigned to older devices, but as long as the profile does not run manually or with a schedule, the profile will not run the tasks on older devices.

    Hope it makes sense, in case not, please let me know.