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We were notified by our Bank in the recent past that two attempts were made to access our primary account. Each time we had to change our cards.

As a result, we keep very little money in the account which, sometimes causes scheduled payments to bounce.

In all other cases, the fix is simple, the recipient has a documented process to fix.

Not Atera!

They have a large blue banner at the top of their portal advising of the default and insisting that payment details be changed.

" Oops! A transaction error occurred and we were unable to charge $149.00 from your account. Please update your payment details or contact support."

They have a link on the payment page to their payment provider, Bluesnap.

Using this link to email Bluesnap gets a response that a ticket was not created and requesting that their Support Contact Form be used.

This is not possible as the form requires an Order Number.

Contacting Atera support is a joke. Their support staff don't read requests for support fully before responding, most times with irrelevant solutions.

The only reason we stay with Atera is their product is great.

Support needs a lot of work.


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    Seems like you're caught between supports and that's frustrating, I'm sorry about that.
    I've escalated this and one of our Customer Success team members will have a look.

    Ping again and let me know when it's resolved, thanks for the kind words about the product and honest feedback.