👋 Introducing the new Atera Community Manager

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I’m thrilled to introduce myself as your new Community Manager! My name is Gil, but I go by Gilgi here, since CEO and Co-founder Gil Pekelman already called dibs!
I’m just beginning my journey here at Atera, diving deep into the nuances of the community, our innovative product, and the unique experiences—both the challenges and triumphs—that you all encounter as Atera users.

A bit about me—I come from a background in gaming and design management, which have fueled my passion for enhancing collective user experiences. This aligns perfectly with my role here, where my primary goal is to bridge your valuable insights and feedback directly to the heart of Atera.

I am genuinely excited to start conversations with you all and encourage you to reach out to me. Let’s chat about what you love, what you think could be improved, and what you dream of seeing in the future at Atera. Your stories, your challenges, and your successes are what make our community vibrant and evolving.
I invite each of you to actively participate in our community forums, suggest new ideas, and discuss your thoughts on recent events, latest announcements or what swag you’d like to see in the new store!

Your voice is crucial in shaping our path forward, and I am here to ensure it is heard loud and clear. Looking forward to learning more about each of you and working together to make Atera not just a product, but a community where everyone thrives.

Warm regards,

Gilgi, Community Manager at Atera


  • adip
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    So glad you joined us, welcome!!!

  • Sarah_from_Atera
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    We're so happy to have you @gilgi , going to take the Atera Community to great heights 🤩

  • joseph.smith
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    @gilgi nice to have you onboard!

  • mbudke
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    Nice to have you here @gilgi

    But now I am interested in the gaming background 😁😁😁😁

  • tanderson
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    @gilgi Welcome aboard!

  • gilgi
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    Let's just say that I started off playing Swords of Sodan on the family Amiga500, recently 'Let's ! Revolution!' and in general enjoy puzzle, goofy and colorful games. My all time #1 is Portal.
    How about you?

  • rstauffer
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    @gilgi Welcome nice to have you here!

  • iectechbrian
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    Welcome @gilgi!

  • scott
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    Welcome aboard @gilgi ! From the South Island of New Zealand.