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Good Afternoon,

Does anyone have a good suggestion for sending reports to clients? We used to use CW and they had an executive report that gave a good health overview for the month (patches, drive sizes, etc). Atera seems to be more towards us, which is good. Is there a canned report to use or will I need to learn the Advanced report section and create a new one?

Thanks for any insight.


  • tanderson
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    Atera has some good Classic Reports. I wish they had an official Executive report that combines many of them or lets you have the option to combine them so you don't have to do it manually.

    We give all our clients the monthly Timesheet report so they can see all tickets, notes, and hours worked.

    I used to combine the Customer Health, Agent Health, Patch Status, Auditor, Microsoft License, and Timesheet reports into one Executive report each month, but the manual work for things that most of our clients were not even looking at got to be too much. Each client we added increased the workload even more.

    I wish you could select a bunch of reports, put them in the order you wanted, and then have them created automatically each month like that, but unfortunately, that is not possible. I would love it if I could get my Lifecycle Manager Reports, Huntress, and some backup and email filtering reports to come into Atera and then use the AI to combine those into one executive report.

    Have a complete picture of everything going on. One can hope, I guess.