Chocolately and software pre-installed

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Which chocolatey does Atera use? I know there is a free version, but it only manages the software you install with it. There is a paid version that will find all the software pre-installed and bring it under Chocolatey management. Does anyone know if the version from Atera will do that? I'd hate to go through each machine and uninstall all the software to ensure that Chocolatey can manage it. If not, is there a powershell script that can be run to find all the software say in Programs and features, then locate and install the chocolatey package to manage it?


  • Sarah_from_Atera
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    Hi @fred , Sarah from Atera here.

    If you are using the IT Automation profile and select 'Update All' for software, it will indeed install all software installed via chocolatey through Atera or otherwise. However, if it was not installed via Chocolatey, it will not update.

    If you want to have all of your software managed through Atera, our private software repository may help you. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to and someone will be able to assist you!