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I'm testing out Atera for possible use in my ministry. When I am on my test computer and I type "winget list" or "winget upgrade —all " into Powershell it works just fine. When I access the machines Powershell through Atera or I send a script over asking the same thing, it says "winget is not a recognized cmdlet". Anyone know why?


  • dragos.t
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    Hello @fred.

    I hope you are doing well.

    Regarding your issue. The problem happens because there is a limitation with WinGet, as it can't run under the local system account. Atera runs by default under the Local System Account so the limitation will apply to the built-in Powershell module in Atera.

    You can try to run winget as a script in Atera, and instead of running the script as System, you can select to run the script as Current user.
    Please remember that running a script as Current user might also cause you some troubles, as someone needs to be logged in on the device for the script to run. Or you might encounter issues with user permission.

  • AlexYoungNSM
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    Here is the script i use and it works perfectly running as SYSTEM.