Monitoring Windows Server Backup and Intel Onboard Raid Controller


Hello just getting started with Atera. I am really wanting to monitor a client Windows Server Backup. What have you guys found as simpliest solution for monitoring for success and failure of backups using Windows Server Backup.

Also client also has Intel motherboard based Raid (ESRT2) using Web Raid Console 3 which is extremely limited in the email systems it works with as it doesn't support SSL or TLS. Want to monitor the raid array. Again looking for a solution for this as well.

I know I can monitor event logs for these type of things but know all the event ids is a monster of its own. Any help would be appreciated.


  • mjones
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    I dont know of a comprehensive list currently.

    I feel like something like this would be better managed with a Powershell script currently than adding a hundred alerts to thresholds in Atera. This is also a real thorn in my side currently since you would need to duplicate said hundreds of alerts in each of the applicable copies of thresholds.

    Regarding more mainstream servers, here is a doc for Dell OMSA Windows alerts you can look for.

    And a more recent guide, (I like the older one better)

  • derek
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    I use the Threshold Profile attached to our servers. I created a custom Threshold item which uses the event logs. See below

  • BDubIT
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    Ok. I setup an event similar to Derek's above post but instead on looking for specific IDs I used the source name. Windows-Server-Backup (for the backup) which then gives me any critical error for the backups and another event for warnings. This also makes it where knowing all the specific critical or warning ids are not necessary. This also works for the Raid monitoring because the LSI app drops messages as well into the application log and makes it easy to monitor for critical or warning messages. Thanks for the input folks.