You've asked for our roadmap, so... We're giving you 2 upcoming Atera roadmap events!

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Hey Community :)

It's no secret that y'all have been interested in our upcoming features and how we build our roadmap, so rest assured, we've taken this feedback seriously!

I want to let you know about 2 upcoming events surrounding our roadmap I'm sure you'll find interesting and insightful!

First event - Atera presents: The making of a roadmap!

Tuesday, April 30th, at 12 PM EST!

Register for it here.

Second event, Ateraverse!

Our very own CPO Tal Dagan will be hosting a roadmap session where he delves into our upcoming features on day 2 of Ateraverse, May 16 at 11 AM EST!

If you haven't yet registered for Ateraverse, you can register here.

Looking forward to seeing you there 😍