Manange AD Users On Premise

armin Member Posts: 1

Hi, I come from PulseWay and actually want to switch to Atera because of the pathetic Mac OS support.

One of the key features that I use with Pulseway is that I am informed when a user is locked due to incorrect password entries and the simple unlocking of the user via the mobile app.
This is a very important feature and I have not found a way to realize this with Atera. Maybe someone can help me out. Thanks a lot.


  • anton
    anton Member Posts: 8

    I dont believe this is a function within Atera.

    As a workaround- They way I would have it setup is probably with Alerts/Thresholds? monitor Event ID 4740 ?

    And then create a powershell script that can be run on the DC to reset users password. Using variables for username / password in the script to make it quicker to run.

    Might be easier ways to tackle this…

  • dragos.t
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    Hello @armin,

    Hope you are doing well.

    @anton is correct here. In Atera we don't have a feature or modal that allows you to manage Active Directory.

    The only options are the ones listed by anton above. Monitoring events related to users being locked out and running scripts when this happens.
    Thank you anton for the great response.

  • RunningHome
    RunningHome Member Posts: 7

    I too use Pulsway but now only for resetting and unlocking user in AD when i am on the move. Also to reboot a VM in VMware.

    I have not found any tool that do it all. Atera is great but it would be perfect if it could do those simple admin task.

  • wst
    wst Member Posts: 4

    Let the AI create your own powershell script. Just type "unlock AD user". This will create the following script:

    #Import the Active Directory module for the Get-ADUser cmdlet
    Import-Module ActiveDirectory
    #Define the username of the user to unlock
    $userToUnlock = "username"
    #Get the user object based on the username
    $user = Get-ADUser -Identity $userToUnlock
    #Unlock the user accountUnlock-ADAccount -Identity $user

    Go to line with '$userToUnlock = "username"' and insert brackets as described for variables before and after username. So this line will look like this '$userToUnlock = "{[username]}"'.

    Run script on domain controller (go to device / manage / run script / select script). You will be prompted for username and after inserting it, the user will be unlocked.

    Think this is much better than switching to another application