Import hundred devices for monitoring

vpovzner Member Posts: 1

I need to add about 600 devices for monitoring -Wireless access points. Atera will only ping them and show status - online/offline. Doing this manually now. Any suggestion how to upload them all togeteher from csv file for example?


  • mjones
    mjones Member Posts: 131 ✭✭✭✭

    Are you talking about the network discovery feature?
    You can export, but not import as far as I know.

    Once they are added you can monitor for more than if they are up or not using the SNMP features.

    For example, one of my Ruckus Unleashed APs:

  • danielle
    danielle Member Posts: 4

    I'd like to see how others have handled batch adds as well. We ran an Atera script in each terminal of ~800 machines to add them for monitoring.