Atera Shared Ticket Display without Technician License.

OzPass Member Posts: 1

Hello all,

We're a small MSP using Atera with 11 technicians - all licensed on the "Master" plan.

We're generally happy and productive with it, but I was wondering how you are handling shared screens displaying tickets in your NOC/helpdesk?

What I'm hoping for (initially) is to dedicate one of our large TV's to displaying the ticket queue for all technicians. This is to help the service desk manager, but also to give group oversight / responsibility for incoming tickets, especially high priority ones.

When we used Autotask, we did this by having one of the NUCs connected to the screen display a full screen browser signed in to the PSA. Is this possible with Atera? Whenever we sign in to more than one device, it signs out on the first device. Assuming this isn't a behaviour unique to us, is there a way of displaying the ticket queue without consuming a license? An extra £179 per month just for this facility seems expensive, especially as I only need the dumb viewing functionality.

I should point out that we're relatively new to Atera, so I apologise in advance if this is a blindingly stupid question!

Going beyond this, is anyone using PowerBI (or similar - Alteryx?) to plug into the API for a more insightful dashboard? I find the built in dashboard quite limited...