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Hello, we manage around 3,000 endpoints and I am curious to know about your approach for pushing Windows updates via Atera. Do you have a specific waiting time before pushing updates such as driver and software updates to Windows desktops? If so how do you do this in Atera

How do you deploy updates to windows servers

All and any input is greatly appreciated


  • Sarah_from_Atera
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    Hey @miconib , Sarah from Atera here.

    You can postpone patches in IT Automation Profiles by going to 'OS Patch Approval Settings' and selecting 'Manage'. Check out this KB article to find out exactly how.

    FYI - you can also exclude patches in that same area, as well as excluding on a global level in the IT Automation Profile main page.

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    Here are my settings, seems to work for the most part.
    Using for all agents, Servers and Workstations.

    Basically, wait a couple of days for updates to settle and then go for broke.

    My main issue is pending reboots. My current setting is to nag the users to death to reboot at a good time for them.

    Planning on coming up with a Toast Notification thing in the near future.

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    Do you use a script for nagging the users?

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    I do plan on making a script that controls Toast Notifications in Windows, but havent looked at it yet. Currently, just a configuration policy (I hate not being able to apply multiple).

    Configuration Policy.