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Good morning,

I have just finished deploying the Atera agent in the company (about 80 workstations). The system works without problems, except for the application of a script.

I created a batch file for the automatic shutdown of the workstations, which must happen daily (and actually happens) at 7.45pm. The problem arises, however, if the script is not executed; I'll try to explain myself better: the user leaves the workstation on Friday evening at 6pm, and leaves the workstation turned on. At 7.45pm the script runs and shuts down the system. On Saturdays and Sundays the user is not present (therefore the machine is not turned on). On Monday morning, the user turns on the machine and, although the script is scheduled to run at 7.45pm, it is executed (even several times, probably depending on the number of previous executions that did not occur); therefore, the user sees the system turned off.

In practice, it seems that the script, despite a schedule that requires its execution at a set time, "wants" to be completed when the machine is turned on.

I would like to point out that I created a script dedicated to shutdown and associated with an Automation Task where, for example, parameters relating to Patch Management are not present.

It is possible to ensure that the script is executed only at the pre-established time, ignoring execution if not executed previously. I hope so, because it would be frustrating.

Any suggestion is very appreciated.



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    @rvecchi There is a timeout on the script itself; however, I don't know if the Automation profile times out.

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    I'll bet that your Script timeout is set really high.

    I have ours set to 1hr, which is also a pain in some circumstances. Really with that we could set this per workflow or script so that it wouldn't run when we didn't want it to.