Importing and Syncing Users and Sites

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I would like to automate the importing/synchronization of sites and users. We're a management company with around 100 sites at present, and there is a fairly high turnover. We are using IT Department mode.

I'm able to pull all the info from a SQL DB and format it for manual import into Atera. The problem is that with each import, a new site is created rather than the existing site updated. These sites can be exact duplicates (in the GUI anyway) and do not appear to be connected in any way.

I've read a little on a PSatera, but would prefer to avoid home grown solutions that haven't been updated in a couple of years if there are other options. At this point I would be happy manually importing every day, as long as Company A remains the only Company A, and Joe Doesntworkhereanymore becomes Dan Doesworkhere after the sync.


  • Sarah_from_Atera
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    Hey @gmoore , Sarah from Atera here.

    The API could help you here, as the API has an option for updating and also importing sites to Atera.

    POST creates new site, PUT updates already existing site. As long as they can integrate the API with their SQL tool, this should be a good solution for you.

    Let us know if this helps!