Is anyone using the "chat" function ?

frank.pietersma Member Posts: 78 ✭✭✭

I was wondering if there are people who use the chat function in Atera? I
find it to be a nice feature and would like to use it to chat with
customers and vice versa. Unfortunately, our experiences have not been
good, and we have never really gotten it to work. Hence, I'm curious
about others' experiences. When we try the function, we often encounter a
timeout, or it only works one way, or nothing happens at all. We have
opened multiple tickets on this issue. The engineer then creates the
ideal conditions. Clearing browsers on both ends, deleting site data on
both ends, ensuring the use of Chrome instead of Edge or Firefox.
Deactivating and reactivating the chat, etc. This way, the ideal lab
conditions are created each time, and then voila, it works! However, the
first time we try it in a 'real' environment, it naturally doesn't work
again. Calling the customer to create ideal conditions for starting a
chat is not realistic. I understand that it is browser-dependent, but
whether it is workable in this way is questionable. I am really curious
if there are people who can use it without issues.


  • mjones
    mjones Member Posts: 143 ✭✭✭✭

    I have initiated a chat with users, it works alright. Find it easier to just call or Teams them. (IT Dept here, not MSP)

    In my past experience at an MSP, allowing users to initiate a chat is always a headache. Breaks workflows and pulls techs away from focusing.