Is the Atera page on Reddit censored nowadays?

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Hi Dear folks of Atera,

2 days ago, I posted something on the Atera Reddit and up until now my post hasn't came online. Is there perhaps some censoring going on in the Reddit group?

Not everyone is using the community and information and discussions should be open and for everyone to read. Comments on independent platforms promote a balanced perspective. Users can openly discuss both positive and negative aspects, helping others make well-rounded decisions based on a broader range of opinions.

If true, this would be a bad thing.… you already must be approved to even be an member of the Reddit group. So what is going on ? @Adi Pick ? @Sarah_from_Atera ?


  • cjeffers
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    I check the reddit daily and I noticed that there hadn't been a post in 25 days so I have been wondering the same thing.

  • tanderson
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    How about we fix that

  • frank.pietersma
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    Good initiative @tanderson ! I joined the newly created Reddit community and encourage other members of the Atera community to do so.

    There must be a public place where they can read the good AND the bad of
    the product. Free of censorship. Atera itself will also benefit if the discussions are open for everyone.

    When companies have control over product comments, there is a risk of
    manipulating or filtering feedback to maintain a positive image. In
    contrast, independent comments foster accountability and build trust
    with customers. Consumers rely on honest evaluations from their peers to
    make informed purchasing decisions. If these comments were controlled
    by the company, it would undermine the credibility of the feedback and
    erode trust.

  • adip
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    Hey :)

    We made a separate post addressing your issues and concerns about this.

    It appears there has been a change in Reddit's spam filtering of your posts, and many posts were being removed automatically by Reddit. We are taking this seriously, and taking this with our Reddit account execs to understand why so many posts were being removed and flagged as "spam" and to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    In any case, we have this Community for exact reasons like this, out of our control!

    Thank you for your continued response and understanding!