New Atera Appearance

GregS Member Posts: 6

I'm sorry but the new look sucks.
1 - The list of devices is not sorted alphabetically by default
2 - The sorting is not saved
3 - The column type is not saved
4 - The worst, the list is no longer per page but infinite, as a result the scrolling is slow, it's unbearable.

5 - Not related to the new appearance but the "restart pending" display does not work, half the time the computer or server has already been restarted and the information remains as not restarted.


  • yasminproduct16
    yasminproduct16 Internal Posts: 16

    Hi Greg,

    I'm Yasmin, at Product Manager here at Atera.

    Thank you for your feedback.
    We're still working on improving the page including bug fixes and ux improvements based on user feedback.
    We're working on fixing 2+3 right now so should be sorted soon.
    Regarding the sort- the default sort is based on alerts from critical to warning and information. If alerts were paused on a device or a shutdown action was scheduled, the device will show at the top for your attention. You can change the sort along with the column and table settings and save a view for your convenience.
    Regarding the reboot pending- we're working on this too.
    Happy to jump on a call to discuss. Feel free to email me at so we can set something up.

  • GregS
    GregS Member Posts: 6

    hello yasmine,

    View saving is only done in "device", in "site" it is not possible to do it. And what is the purpose of making devices with alerts appear first in the list of devices since we already have an alert tab which displays all the faulty devices.

    you did not note point 4 which is the extreme slowness of the list and this is a real problem. As the "devices" list has been there for a while suffering from the same fault, I fear for the rest of the use of Atera if the interface is activated by default...

    and for the pending restart it is also a function that has not worked for a long time so I have doubts about its resolution.

    and for a call, no problem if it's in French :)