What are your new year's resolutions for work this year?

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New year, new new year's resolutions?

What are some of your New Year's resolutions you made for work this year?


  • danj
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    To get the most out of the tools we use. With so many systems in play it can be easy to not fully utiilise what you are paying for.

  • adip
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    This is great!!!

    Let us know if there's anything we can help with this :)

  • andriy.asselberg
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    To learn PowerShell or at least get the basics down. Thankfully, I can pick the AI's brain so to speak as far as full blown scripts go.

  • tanderson
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    Expansion and Automation! The ever on-going cycle.

  • rstauffer
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    To get some more network training

  • mjones
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    Better monitoring and automation.

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    - Yawn - Sorry, but these kind of posts, have very little to do with Atera and just clog up the community. There are plenty of places on reddit to discuss this kind of stuff.