Incorrect office version


I have two nearly identical devices. Both have the same version of Microsoft Office installed, but they report differently:

PC 1: Microsoft Office 365 Business x64, Build 16.0.16924.20180

PC 2: Microsoft Office 365 Business SP1 x64, Build 16.0.16924.20180

Since Office 365 doesn't have service packs, I'm not sure where the SP1 came from, but I'm really struggling to identify where on Windows this would be kept, how Atera gets it, and how I can correct it. It's affecting reports, but more importantly, my OCD 😂

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks 😊


  • Sarah_from_Atera
    Sarah_from_Atera Administrator Posts: 93 admin

    Hi @brendan.richman , Sarah from Atera here.

    I can see that this was resolved by our Support.

    Please reach out to them if you still have issues.

  • brendan.richman
    brendan.richman Member Posts: 15

    @Sarah_from_Atera it wasn't really, they pointed me in the right direction, but I still couldn't figure out where it's pulling the name from. At this stage I'm not sure if you guys can help, or if it's some arbitrary value Microsoft returns that you translate into something more readable.