File transfer with long filenames is unusable in current form

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When browsing a agent with the file transfer browser we encountered a frustrating bug,
When the filename is long there is no way to expand the "name" column making the filename visible. I attach a screenshot of the Atera directory but imagine if there is a directory with lots of files containing long filenames.
This is making the file transfer windows unusable.
I previously had a ticket open (no need for opening a ticket ;-))
They could not solve it because it is just the way the window is designed.
Is Atera aware of this bug ?


  • nina
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    We are planning to develop a new look for the modal and will solve this issue in the future.

  • frank.pietersma
    frank.pietersma Member Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2023

    This is a bug and should be solved. File transfer is one of the things that adds value to the Growth plan.
    I find it regrettable to read that Atera does not prioritize this. IMO It diminishes the value of the growth plan.
    If file names cannot be read, file transfer cannot be used properly….

    Solved in the future is a very vague concept…

  • [Deleted User]

    I have been asking for this to be fixed repeatedly (and the registry editor) for 4 years, I think they have it planned on their roadmap for 2037 - just after they finish developing AI for changing to dark mode 🤣