Scheduling Calendar dates don't match days

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Hey All,

Is anyone else seeing this, or is it just me?

I went to schedule a reboot and realized that the calendar is wrong. 11/21/2023 is a Tuesday, not a Wednesday…
Looks like it should be Sun-Sat, not Mon-Sun. But not sure if it's a UI bug or what.


  • dragos.t
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    Hello there,

    Hope you are doing well and are having a great day.

    The issue you have reported is quite weird, as, on my end, the dates appear correctly.

    Here, it would be best if you opened a ticket with our support team, as they will have to investigate the issue from their end.
    To make sure that support investigates the issue as fast as possible when creating the ticket, please also forward them an access pin as this KB describes.

    Have a wonderful day forward Jones.

  • nina
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    Hi @MJones -

    There is a bug that the date picker isn't working as expected, specifically not showing the correct weekday. For now, you can disregard the weekday and only look at the date. The date is correct.

    This bug has been fixed and will be in production shortly.

    As @dragos.t mentioned, should you run into any issues, please open a live chat or support ticket at so that we can assist! 🙏