'check-in' frequency

brendan.richman Member Posts: 13

How often does the web UI and agent communicate?

Admittedly it's my own fault, but I often find myself working on an agent, shutting it down, and then forgetting that I still need it (or if I'm testing the Wake on LAN functionality before installing a PC). Sometimes I find myself waiting for up to 30 minutes before the web UI reports the device as offline, and so I can't use the Wake on LAN function as the web UI thinks the device is still online.

Could we either…

  • Increase the frequency the agent and web UI communicate/check-in
  • Always display the Wake on LAN button (as you did with the remote connect button)
  • Have some other functionality in the Manage menu that says check connection, which manually tries to communicate with the agent and instantly marks the device as offline if it fails?

I often have to resort to third-party tools to do this which is unfortunate.


  • Matthias
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    Hi @brendan.richman ,

    I think it is 1,5 minutes.

    In the threshold configuration the poll-interval is always devided by 1,5 and the following description is in the documentiation:

    The number selected must be a multiple of 1.5 minutes, as monitoring occurs every 1.5 minutes.


  • brendan.richman
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    Definitely isn't 1.5 minutes! I turned a PC on, it reported as online. I shut the PC down, and refreshed the device agent web UI page every 30 seconds, it took 12 minutes for the status to change from Online to Offline. But the Last Seen value is the time I shut the PC down, so it know that it wasn't seen in those 12 minutes, it just didn't change the status and I was unable to use the Wake on LAN feature for those 12 minutes.

  • joseph.smith
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    Got to agree with @brendan.richman here, there's been a number of times a client calls saying their internet is offline or they've had a power cut and Atera doesn't alert or change the online status of 10/15mins.

  • kim
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    edited November 15

    I too have had varying refresh times. Sometimes it was something as small as my browser cache keeping me from seeing the changes and other times its the internet connection on the end user's side. I have also had the case where the Atera Agent was reporting it as offline, I click the connect button and it ends up connecting. Also sometimes, its the Splashtop agent being difficult too for the remoting in feature.

    I also have seen the case where it was because the end user's Atera Agent would be blocked by their AV preventing accurate reporting. In this instance I have to whitelist the agent on their AV to get it work properly.

  • nina
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    Hi @brendan.richman, @joseph.smith, @kim, @Matthias - Ideally, this should take 10 seconds to 1 minute. If it takes more time, then the best thing would be to open a ticket with Support, perhaps there is a deeper issue.

    @brendan.richman - I have opened a Support ticket for you, #428113.

  • kim
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    Thank you Nina!

  • brendan.richman
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    Nina - support said the average was around 7 minutes. This is too long in my view, and appears to be internally inconsistent between them and yourself.