Atera Invoices E-Mail

tristan Member Posts: 1

Is it possible to change the location of where Atera send their emails to. At the moment it is the admin user account, but this is not our accounts department email. It would be much better if I can set invoices to be sent to our account department rather than direct to me.

Is this possible from the Atera control panel?


  • tanderson
    tanderson Member Posts: 136 ✭✭✭

    @tristan It has been a minute since I set this up, but I believe it is in this location: Admin — Business Administration — Accounting — Invoice Settings. I believe this is for invoices from Atera to you, and not from you to your clients coming out of Atera. @nina can you confirm? Thanks!

  • nina
    nina Administrator Posts: 428 admin

    Hi @tristan - Nina from Atera here. I have opened a ticket for you (#428063); Support will change the email address on file so it goes to the correct department!