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I'll like to find a easy way to have the Dashboard on a big screen on our office. This will be easier for all our users to monitor our clients. Easier than having to re login once the session times out and don't want to pay for another user just to have a screen showing our Dashboard.


  • derek
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    the only way that i can think of doing it is having the large display connected to one of your existing technicians machines via HDM or a HDMI transmitter

  • MJones
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    BrightGuage was pretty great when I used it at an old job (We used CW Manage though), but doesn't look like they natively support Atera yet.


    Might be worth poking them to see if they have any thoughts on a native integration or something you can add yourself.

    I had a headless VM and Chrome-casted the webpage to a TV in the office, worked flawlessly.

  • kim
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    similar to above, when I was in the office, I used a micropc plugged into the TV and had it logged into a non admin account to display the Atera dashboard. It worked really well since we had a tv already mounted in the common area our techs were in.

  • rob.williams
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    I made my own dashboard using the API. Refreshes every minute and pulls the data we want to see on to a custom dashboard. I can't be doing with having to keep logging in - it's bad enough having to login every few hours on my machine anyway.

  • nina
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    Hey @rob.williams - That doesn't sound right. You shouldn't have to log back in multiple times. Have you opened a ticket with Support yet to troubleshoot the issue?