Invoices in Atera not being sent out through email?

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I am integrated with Xero.

I created a test invoice in Atera, selected my customer, entered the email, and clicked "Save & Export".

The I clicked "Email Invoice" and entered the same customer email.

The invoice was created on Xero side and in Atera it said "Sent" as status.. everything looks ok, but I never get the invoice in the inbox?! And when I go to Xero side, the invoice appears under the customer but with "Approve & Send" button on the invoice.. needing manual intervention.

Is this the expected behavior? I imagine pressing Send Invoice in Atera would send the invoice to the customer?


  • kim
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    Hi @timebrk, I haven’t used that integration but I have used the Atera invoice for a while now. I had issues before of not seeing the invoice actually sending since I never tied my email into that module, but normally I had sent it manually after PDF exporting it. Other than this issue, do you like using Xero?

  • timebrk
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    Hey @kim, Xero seems fine.. keep in mind I'm only using the trial for the whole stack to kick the tires of these services. I'm still trying to figure out how my invoicing/billing flow will work.

    I'm going to try Zomentum next and see what the integration is like.

    I might even use something like Jobber for billing/invoicing.. it's a really good product for service-based businesses that do custom quoting and on-site work. It has all invoicing, crm, billing as part of the offering so worth considering.


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    Hi @timebrk - I have created a ticket for you with our Support Team to troubleshoot the issue. Ticket #420037.

  • nina
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    So that everyone is in the loop, if your account is on trial, you do not have the "Email Invoice" feature.

    Hi @timebrk - Looks like you'll just have to become an Atera customer now 😜