Data Caps on Cloud Storage

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Hi Community mates!

I have clients with growing storage needs and wanted to know how do you buffer your pricing as a client's storage grows? Do you do it like dynamic pricing every month or do you allocate a certain amount at a price point then go up later? I just have some clients who like annual pricing, but I don't want to short change them or over charge for what they don't need. Any thoughts would be great.


  • dyoder
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    In what context? The only cloud storage my clients purchase from me is my backup solution. I charge a flat rate per whole TB per month. As their storage grows, so does their bill. But I don't charge them for desktops vs server backups, or file vs image backups, nor do I charge them for retention options. Backups are configured in whatever way makes the most sense, and they just pay per TB. Easy to bill, predictable, and it's easy to establish growth rates.

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    That's an excellent idea by billing per TB. I have some clients that want it for collaboration and not just a backup solution, so more of a document repository. I just feel that sometimes OneDrive or SharePoint has some syncing issues and isn't the end all solution i'd like it to be.

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    @kim @dyoder We do per GB no difference in backups as dyoder explained. We do complete image backups of their machines so nothing gets lost. We currently use Acronis and all NAS devices are backed up with BackBlaze, but we may switch out workstations/servers over to Backblaze as well. Most of our clients have very little on their machines these days.

    We backup the O365/GSuite with Dropsuite and that is a separate charge. Just a per seat license fee.