Block Hours contract management

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Hi everyone, I have a company that works with several customers with block hours method. The problem for me is that we do it this way: we charge suppose 10 pre-paid hours to the customer, when we use all the 10 hours we have to charge again 10 hours and this does not have to be related to the billing period. How can we manage this with Atera's contracts?



  • tanderson
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    In the contract, add the base monthly rate and then add an overage rate.

    That seems to be the only customization I can see. Doesn't help if you do your original block rate and then, say 2 additional 10-hour blocks on top of that, but it at least gives you one more rate change built-in.

  • nina
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    While there is no contract type currently in Atera that can accommodate this exact use case, you could use the following contracts to get partial data:

    • Retainer/Flat fee: You can use this contract type to charge customers a flat periodic rate that includes a predefined set of support services. 

    The customer will pay in advance, or on an agreed-upon billing schedule. This contract type can not be billed on demand, instead, it is billed on a predefined schedule.

    • Block Hours: This contract can be used to bill a customer for a block of working hours, with a specified price per hour. 

    During the billing period, the number of hours consumed is deducted from the purchased 'block'. 

    Other Contract types that may work for you are: