New "run script" page does not sort scripts on alphabet anymore

frank.pietersma Member Posts: 78 ✭✭✭
edited December 2023 in Scripts

The Page to run a script as changed. (The page you see when you click on - Manage - Run Script.) This page shows all your available scripts.
In this new window layout the scripts are randomly ordered. Previously this was alphabetical ordered.

I've named the scripts I'm using keeping in mind they were alphabetical ordered.
For instance the name of a script I use is: "set admin password - customer name" or " customer name - Install xxx"
I Know I can search on script names but I would love to see this list alphabetical like it was!
Now this list is very random and not sortable on anything and therefore it looks bad.
It would be also great If we could sort ourselves on name, category or description. now we cannot.

Is this a change we can expect?