Integration with Microsoft Azure

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Integration with Azure is very good, but i would like the contacts that atera have synced from Azure to have same login and password to the customer portal. So our users do not have to create user and pass for the portal.


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    Hi @johann.linnet - this is an excellent suggestion. If you have not yet done so, please add it to our features board, UserVoice.

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  • kim
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    Hi Johann!

    I was thinking on this the other day and I wonder if it is only a one-way sync for security purposes. My thought is that if somehow the Azure environment was breached and through the admin console got into your Atera environment, then it could traverse and wreck havoc on not just your connected client, but your whole Atera environment or beyond. Kind of like what happened to another RMM via a delayed payload.

    I do see the beauty in SSO, but I get weary when it can potentially take down a business or businesses. A potential silver-lining could be introducing the clients to a password manager. Most of them don't want to do it, but if they get used to memorizing one master password and let the manager create the complex password, then we are helping them have better security habits. It's an opportunity to make it a teachable moment.