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Hello all,

I hope the community can help me figure this out.

I recently picked up a new client. They have their DNS at GoDaddy, and they are an O365 Tenant. This is how we manage their email and Microsoft licensing.

The issue I am having is the past IT guy set the users up with Gmail accounts using their email, and I have no control over it. I can't figure out if he opened a Google Workspace for that domain and has the control that way or how he set it up.

I used his company email to sign in to Gmail; no Admin Center is associated.

I am stuck because I need to allow new people but have no way to, and the past IT guy left very disgruntled with this client. So there is no way for me to get information from him. He also didn't write anything down. (We had to reset everything when we started so we could manage everything.)

Does anyone have any Idea how this is managed? Is it through Google Workspace?




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    Nina from Atera here. I asked our IT guy and he suggested the following. (Thanks Yochai!)

    1. Read the Gmail KB: Use support-assisted recovery
    2. Open an admin for glass door purposes
    3. Ideal to pick either Gmail or MS - DNS and ID management are recommended be by the same provider

    LMK if this helps @tanderson !