New Device UI saved view drop down not wide enough

Zerointerrupt Member Posts: 11
edited December 2023 in Remote Monitoring

the drop down box is too small, either widen the drop down or allow for hover over descriptions. it is really annoying when I have 3 views that show as "Parks Department…"



  • frank.pietersma
    frank.pietersma Member Posts: 78 ✭✭✭

    Agreed. I like the new view of the devices page but this drop down menu needs improvement.

  • bilg
    bilg Member Posts: 2

    The new devices UI is also very lacking in regards to filtering. It doesn't seem to have any advanced filtering options, which are the main feature I use form the old view. I really hope they are ported over.

  • nina
    nina Administrator Posts: 428 admin

    Thanks @ppryor - I have messaged our designers and they will work on it!

    @frank.pietersma and @bilg - I've spoken with our Product Team and they are working on adding advanced filters to the new Devices page. For now, you can switch back to the old look if you need the advanced filters.

    Thanks again for your feedback!