The Shared Scripts list is kind of a hot mess.

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Is there a plan to clean up the list ?

I cant really think of a good way to do this to be honest. Ideally you would need to look at the submission quality (Title, descriptions, tags, …) and the functionality of the script itself.

New to Atera and wondered what everyone's thoughts were.


  • Matthias
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    I am using the scripts part quite often but never recognized the mess. Most likely there is a mess but I usually use the search and then lookup the 5-10 scripts which are listed if these provide me with the result I need.

    You are indeed correct that there a duplicates. Maybe it would make sense to have more buttons than vote, e.g. "obsolete" (e.g. fixed by microsoft patch since years) or "duplicate of" so the list can maintain itself by us :)

  • MJones
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    I Like the idea of being able to collectively grade the scripts, aside from just using the number of downloads as a guide.

  • nina
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    Hi @mjones and @Matthias - Great ideas! I've suggested it to the Product Team. Perhaps we can have the grading mechanism for the scripts and a way to sort by most popular scripts or best rated… Anyway, no promises - but I passed it along!

  • nina
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    Hi @mjones and @Matthias - You can sort the scripts based on clones or votes! If you are using the scripts often, we suggest that you clone the script into your library, so you don't need to search for it time and time again.