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I am wondering how are people billing their MS licenses, especially with the prorating? I use Autotask for a client, and they integrate with Pax8 so all changes are automatically reflected in an invoice.

With Atera, I feel like I manually need to create all these invoices. How are people doing it? When you have dozens of clients, doing this manually is very tedious.


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    Hi @Anon1m0us!

    I’m a Pax8 MS partner too, but I use FreshBooks for my invoices since so also use Stripe for payments. I create a recurring invoice for my clients then it just keeps going unless I set a date or tell it to stop.

    I used to use the Atera invoicing quite, but as I started getting more clients needing more payment methods, FreshBooks worked for me. I have been meaning to add an integration request, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.