🆕 🚀 We just released a new (much anticipated) integration!!!

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You asked, we listened! We're thrilled to announce that we released a new integration within our AppCenter yesterday: Keeper!

🛡️Keeper Security’s next-gen privileged access management solution delivers enterprise-grade password, secrets and privileged connection management in one unified platform.

You can read aaaaaaall about what you can unlock with the the Keeper integration here!

So, are you as excited as we are??


  • Matthias
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    Hi Sarah,

    great to see the Integration of Keeper! I am using it since some time already and can really recommend it!

    Do you have a direct Integration with Keeper that data between Atera and Keeper is exchanged or would it be the normal access to Keeper?

    Best regards,

  • sarah+success
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    Hey @Matthias , so happy you are excited about this integration!

    The integration provides normal access to Keeper, as it is a "zero trust platform." This means that it will integrate in terms of billing through Atera and purchasing. However, no data is exchanged.

    If you have more questions, please reach out to me or [email protected] ⛑️

  • DaveB
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    Hi @Sarah_from_Atera

    I am a little confused on the prices. Do we pay for the MSP part then be get charged for Business for each user.

    Or does each user pay for MSP and Business?

    Thanks Dave

  • Matthias
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    Hi @DaveB

    the MSP-version is for your business as the MSP.
    The Business and Enterprise version is for the endcustomer company.


  • DaveB
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    Hi @Matthias

    The costing on the site is confusing - as is says base price, making it sound like you need MSP then Business on top. See below.

    Keeper MSP (base cost)£3.05 per user, per month
    Keeper Business£2.0196 per user, per month

    Also do we have to purchase MSP to be able to supply users with keeper?

    Thanks Dave

  • Matthias
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    Hi @DaveB ,

    I think this would be a question for the Support of Atera. 🙂

    I am using Keeper since before it was implemented with Atera so not sure if there have been changes since then.
    In my case the MSP version is assigned to my company (myself) and I do not require another license.

    For my customer I have to assign a license to them which is different than MSP like business or enterprise.

    If you would require a MSP license to sell the licenses to your customers I am not sure but to be honest I really would suggest using Keeper yourself. At the beginning it maybe takes a week to fully understand all functions but then you do not want to miss it again.


  • nina
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    Hi @DaveB and @Matthias - Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I agree, it's confusing. I have brought this up with our Product Team and they will clarify the pricing on our site.

  • nina
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    FYI I also opened a ticket with our Support Team for you so you can ask them any clarifying questions!

    The "base charge" is for Keeper MSP:

    ● Keeper Enterprise Plus (KEP) - plus…

    ● MSP Admin Console to manage customer base
    ● License pooling ability to distribute licenses"Then the SKU Keeper Business:
    Description: "Keeper Business - Ultimate password protection and sharing /Encrypted vault for every user
    ● Folders and subfolders
    ● Shared team folders
    ● Access from unlimited devices
    ● Policy engine and enforcements
    ● Security Audit
    ● Activity reporting
    ● Team management
    ● Basic Two-Factor Authentication (SMS, TOTP, smartwatch and FIDO U2F)
    ● 100GB Storage