Active Directory integration for agents, users? (Feature request?)

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Hey hello everyone, we've been onboarding with Atera and are almost ready to flip the GoLive switch. Exciting!

A question came up today that I think would be a great feature to add: to avoid maintaining multiple silos of the same data, could we get the Atera agent to integrate with our Active Directory, which would pull field information from AD to Atera, rather than manually entering in Atera.

Specifically, a "live sync" for these 2 scenarios:

We have added a custom field for Agents, "Description" - this is mimicking the AD field of the same name; which so far we have been manually copy/pasting from our Active Directory.

For Site Users, this AD integration would sync user's Job Title and Department.

We're not looking for bi-directional (write-back) syncing; we'd like our AD to be our "source of truth" and have the desired information flow in to Atera, updating what's already there.

In addition, it would be great to have the ability to import users from AD to be site users as well.

If these capabilities are already there, please point me to where I should be looking - being so new, I'm sure we've missed some details ;)

Thanks for reading!


  • bahlquist
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    Ah - I found what I need for the user portion; it's available in Azure AD only though (not on-prem), which will work for us, but maybe not others.

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    Hey @questbahlin , Sarah from Atera here.

    Happy you were able to find what you needed in our Knowledge Base!

    As you saw, this integration is a secure one-way sync in which new contacts in Azure AD are created in Atera and existing contacts are updated in Atera to match Azure AD. You can also initiate on-demand syncs at any time to keep your contacts current.

    If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to [email protected] 🤓

  • bahlquist
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    Hey thanks @Sarah_from_Atera :) I did find the sync feature - although it's no longer in the same place as described (here: All good on that front, but this only works for users.

    I would still LOVE a way to sync computer object info with Active Directory. Maintaining our inventory of "Agents" (Atera terminology) is proving to require a lot more manual touches than we anticipated, but it's coming along.

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    Hey @questbahlin , thanks for your answer.

    This is a great feature request, please add to our Features Board so other clients will be able to see it and up-vote it if relevant!