Tip: Deploying Atera when the GPO fails.

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GPO's can be a flakey experience sometimes, especially working within unfamiliar environments. There's a couple of ways you can push that Atera agent out when you need it in the moment. *Note that this is for domain environments.

PSEXEC from Sysinternals is likely known to many, and may be the only tool you need to deploy Atera, but i like to go a step further and open up an additional feature while i'm working.

Enter-PSSession will allow you to remote PowerShell into a computer and interact with it beyond the single commands that PSEXEC offers, but you'll need PSEXEC to kick it all off.

This command will prep the system for remote PowerShell:
psexec \\COMPUTERNAME -s winrm.cmd quickconfig -q

From there, it's:

Once your interacting with the computer within PowerShell, grab the Atera CLI installation commands (under "other" when adding a new device). The "&&" expression will not work, so seperate the one-liner to to commands (one to download, the other to install).

If should look like:
curl -o setup.msi "https://yourcompany.servicedesk.atera.com/GetAgent/Msi/?customerId=99&integratorLogin=youremail%40domain.com&customerName=Customer&accountId=0000123456789"


msiexec /i setup.msi /qn IntegratorLogin=youremail@domain.com CompanyId=99 AccountId=0000123456789

So now you've installed the Atera agent, and have configured remote PowerShell as a bonus (always handy!)